Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this business part of a franchise?

A: Rustic Reflections is not a franchised business. It is something the owner, Jessica Walker, started out of her home in Ohio. Starting in March 2020, Rustic Reflections now has their very own studio on S Main Street in Marysville, OH!

Q: Do you use vinyl or do you paint your designs?

A: We use acrylic paint and a stencil technique to accomplish those clean lines you see with Rustic Reflections products!

Q: Are there limitations as to what size and design I can request?

A: No, the sky is the limit! You may contact us to create any size, design, and colors. We will then create a special listing just for you on our website to purchase from there. When booking a party or walk-in appointment you may also contact Rustic Reflections to have a custom design made for you to paint. Pricing does vary based on size and design. 

Q: Will you ship your signs?

A: Absolutely! When purchasing through our Shop on our website, the shipping totals will be applied to your order. If you are a local customer, contact us to arrange a pick-up time at Rustic Reflections Studio!

Q: Can we order custom stencils from you?

Absolutely! You may place an order for a custom stencil by phone, email, or in the Studio. Rustic Reflections can make any design you find that you like, or even an original design!